Should I update my iPhone to the newest version of iOS?

IPhone users have become wary of updating the software on their iPhones, especially after Apple has openly admitted to intentionally slowing down their older model devices by way of an update.

It has been suspected for a long time that the reason for this was to encourage users to upgrade their old phones to a newer model.  In the year 2017 Apple had no choice but to admit that they were intentionally slowing down their iPhones by way of an update. They claimed that they did this to compensate for a battery that could no longer supply enough power to the device causing it to shut down unexpectedly.  That in itself would be fine.  The problem is that they did this without informing the consumer.  Many believe that the real reason for this “slow down” was to encourage people to buy a new phone although Apple claims the accusations are false. This throttling of speed was first implemented for the iPhone 6.  It is still being done today, but iOS now informs the user when the battery can no longer keep up and  power management has been switched on.

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