Are cell phones bad for your health?

Are we unknowingly exposing ourselves to danger?


Nearly all of us keep a cell phone in our pocket or purse nearly one hundred percent of the time. It is always within our reach and I’m willing to bet my last dollar that you have one in your hands this very moment.

Now what if I told you that the device you hold so close is potentially causing you great harm? What if the phone in your hands is shortening your life right now even while you are reading this.
It is the radio frequency energy that your phone emits that may be a danger. Radiation is being absorbed through your body as you are exposed to something that is completely invisible yet may be carcinogenic in nature. And although there is not enough scientific data to prove that there is a significant threat. Studies have shown that there is indeed a viable cause for concern.


In 1995 scientists discovered that the RF energy produced by cell phones increased the risk of tumors caused by brain cell damage in lab rats. And that this may also be the case in humans that have used a cell phone for a period of ten years or longer.

Even though there have been many studies that seem to reenforce the idea that phones can cause us harm, there is no conclusive proof that these devices cause bone loss, brain tumors, and cancer. There is just not yet enough evidence to do without something that has become such an important part of us and our daily lives.

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