iPhone Screen Repairs: How Waiting for a Quick Fix Could Cost You a Phone

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Did you know that 50 million smartphone owners broke their phone screen in 2017? This cost a collective $3.4 billion and averages out to one screen cracked every two seconds. Screen damage can lead to water damage, and ultimately make your cell phone repair more expensive. If you or someone you know is in need of a screen repair, check out these quick facts about the risks of putting off getting your phone fixed.

What to Look For In a Phone Fixer

This may go without saying, but you should never let an unqualified hand take apart your phone. When searching for a repair, always look for someone who has experience fixing phones. It is also wise to choose to a repair service that has replacement phones on hand in case your damages are severe enough to require purchasing a new phone.

What a Cracked Screen Can Lead To

In addition to risking making a crack larger, there can be a few health risks that come with putting off fixing a cracked phone. Cell phones today are designed to display high definition images. Cracking your phone could lead to eye strain as the protective screen has been compromised. The International Agency for Research On Cancer has determined that cellphones can be carcinogenic to humans due to the radio frequencies they emit. You can be at increased risk of these effects if your screen becomes damaged.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Apple estimates that your iPhone battery will last for about two years. However, this can vary depending on how frequently you charge your phone and how frequently you leave your phone charging after it has reached 100%. A damaged battery can cause further cell phone damage if left untreated as it could explode or leak lithium into your screen. This will also make the phone fixing process more difficult and may require you to buy a new phone entirely. For more tips and advice regarding phone repairs, rely on Phoenix Phone Fix today.

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