Can anyone repair a cell phone?

A countless number of videos exist online claiming to be able to teach you how to repair your own cell phone. It may look relatively easy but you might want to read this before picking up that screw driver…

One thing you need to know is that many of the videos that you see online make the phone repair look so easy because it has been created to make a difficult job look simple. The reason is that the same people making those phone repair videos are also selling the parts to do it. You might notice links at the bottom of the video that when clicked on will take you directly to their online store.

Many of the flex cables you’ll encounter inside an iPhone are very easy to tear. And if you happen to tear the wrong one then a simple iPhone screen repair can end up costing you many hundreds of dollars.

Iphone battery replacements are not as phone repair friendly as you might think. The battery is secured to the cell phone by a strong adhesive pull tab. The tabs often break and then you’ll have to remove the battery manually. I have seen a novice puncture a battery while it was still inside the iPhone. It grew red hot and was on fire in a matter of seconds. Just a small slip of a pry tool or screwdriver and just like that. No more iPhone.

To avoid all of this there are professionals at cell phone repair shops like Phoenix Phone Fix that you can easily bring your device to. In many cases the entire repair can be completed while you wait in less than 20 minutes, and at a minimal cost.

So please, take my advice. Do not put your precious   iPhone in risk of permanent damage by attempting a repair that you are unsure of, just to save a few dollars. Every repair looks easy, until it isn’t.

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