Are Apple’s iPhones or Samsung’s Androids better?

This has been a long debated topic and has quite a few cell phone users confused. We are here to shed some light on the subject.

If we were to answer this question just by sales volume alone, then the cut and dry winner would be Apple who have on average made 50% of all phone sales in the entire US market. Samsung only makes around 25% of sales in the USA.

One difference between Samsung’s Android and Apples iPhone is price. Although Samsung devices typically have better hardware and are less expensive, iPhones tend to hold their value longer.

As far as cell phone operating systems, it would be safe to say that the iOS system operates more smoothly than Android devices. The reason for this is that Apple invented the iOS software and it runs seamlessly on the iPhones that it was designed to be used with. It is a closed system and this makes it less customizable to its users. So for those that truly want to change their phone’s features for a unique experience, Samsung phones are the best choice.

As far as being user friendly Apple’s iPhones appears to be the best option. It is basically a plug and play operating system designed so that even the very young or the elderly will have no problem learning how to use it. That is the reason why so many people have said “I just can’t get used to switching to Android”. It’s less of a matter of functionality and more a matter of user comfort.

There is also the subject of repairability to consider. Up until just recently Samsung’s devices have been much more expensive to repair, especially when it comes to the most common thing to break on a phone. It is the screen of course. Replacement of a Samsung screen at an independent repair shop has usually run in the past anywhere between $200 to as much as even $400 dollars to replace, while an Apple screen replacement would be as low as $50-$200. The reason for this is the cost of the part that you have to buy…

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