iPhone user tips and tricks

Using your iPhone has become a part of every day life. But are you really taking your cell phone to it’s full potential? Here are a few tips and tricks that every iPhone user should know about.

1) If you would like to hide an iPhone app without deleting it from your phone there is a way. Just hold your finger on the app icon and a list will appear. Now just select “remove from Home Screen” and the app will appear only in your App Library and be removed from your home screen.

2) There is nothing more annoying than using your iPhone while apps take forever to open and even the keyboard freezes and lags from time to time. Has your iPhone become so slow that you are wishing that you had a new phone? Stop right there. We may be able to help. Sometimes something as simple as turning off location services on your iPhone will give you a noticeable boost in speed. You can do this on settings, privacy, location services. Just switch it to one of these settings…

Never – This will block all access from your location info.

Ask Next Time – This will let you choose either always while using app, allow once, or don’t allow.

While Using App – This will allow an app to use your location anytime the app is up and running on your display.

Always – This allows any and all apps on screen or running in the background access to your iPhone’s location services.




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