What does Apple do with the old phone that you traded in?

Where does your old phone go when you trade it in?

Here is the answer.

There are many reasons why you should trade your phone in rather than throw it away.
First of all your device is made up of highly toxic chemicals that are very bad for the environment. And if discarded in an irresponsible manner they could poison the ground and the water that you drink. By entering the ecosystem these harmful chemicals could even make their way into the very food that you eat.

It is so easy to trade in that unwanted cell phone that there is no reason to do otherwise. It can be done safely online without even stepping out the door.

And it’s not only Apple that wants that old phone. There are countless other options that will accept virtually any electronic device, be it working or not. If you can’t factory reset the phone yourself and are worried about your private data, there are many trusted, reputable sources that have strict policies in place that ensure the security of any personal information left in storage.

Most phones that are traded in will be refurbished by skilled technicians that will replace any damaged components. The phone is wiped of all data and given a grade according to the cosmetic condition of the device. After that the cell phone is placed back into the market to be sold in places like China and South America. This allows people that wouldn’t normally be able to afford a cell phone to be able to purchase your refurbished device at a price that they can afford.

So trading your cell phone in is a very good thing. Not only are you doing your part to protect the world’s environment, you will also be opening up a whole new world of opportunity to someone that needs it.

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