Can using your cell phone at a gas station cause an explosion?

Is it dangerous?

It is true that a spark from your mobile device could ignite the gas fumes as you stand at the pump…

It would seem to be common sense that using anything that may cause a spark would be a bad idea to use around highly flammable fumes. But how about a cell phone? Experts claim that using a cell phone around a petrol pumping station is safe. There has not ever been a single episode in which an explosion or fire has been caused by use of a mobile device at a gas station. Even when scientists tried to purposely ignite gasoline fumes with a cell phone in experiments, all attempts have failed.


Can you get Corona Virus from a cell phone?

Cell Phones and the Corona Virus


The phone in your hand could make you sick, literally. It has been proven that COVID-19 can live on surfaces including your cell phone. So even though it has not yet been proven it is theoretically possible that the phone that you are holding in your hand could transmit Corona Virus to you.
It’s just common sense that after letting someone hold your phone that you should clean it before touching it with your face. Sanitizer wipes would be the perfect method of doing this without risking harm to your beloved device. There are UV sterilizers on the market but these have not been proven to eliminate the virus so just to be on the safe side I personally would stick with the wipes.
Here at Phoenix Phone Fix we value your health and well being. One way we minimize risk is by sanitizing all of the electronic devices that we encounter both before and after the repair. All of our staff has been vaccinated so you can rest assured that you can count on us to keep you, your family, and your friends safe and secure.

What exactly is 5G and why is it better?

What is a 5G cell phone?

Simply put, 5G is a mobile network.
A “mobile network” is comprised of a vast number of geographical areas called cells. Within each cell there is a base station called a cell tower. Each cell tower has a limited range that is long enough to communicate with the cell tower next to it. Then that cell tower in turn is able to communicate with the next cell tower closest to it. It is in this way that your smartphone is able to link with all of the cell towers in it’s network.

The very first mobile network 1G was analog voice. Then came along 2G or digital voice. Next came 3G which was a huge catalyst for the rapid spread of smartphones by allowing data connections and access to the internet. With the arrival of 4G the network became even faster with a larger bandwidth permitting things such as streaming.

Which brings us to today and the introduction of 5G.

5G or the 5th generation of mobile networks promises a great increase in speed and capacity along with near zero latency. All of which would be impossible with the 4G network, powering most of our current smartphones….


Be careful when buying a used cell phone

Things to consider when buying your next smartphone…

One of the first things you should do when deciding where to buy your next smartphone is to determine your price range. Cell phones nowadays can go for as little as $60 and they can also sell for as much as $1800. If you are on a tight budget it may be a good idea to consider buying a used or refurbished phone.

There are many places to buy a good slightly used cell phone. They are widely available across the internet and can be purchased without even leaving your home.

A good place to start in your search for a new cell phone is eBay or Amazon. These are in my opinion better than other sites because most of the sellers offer delivery options so there’s no need to meet in person.

There are so many things to consider when buying a cell phone that there is no single best option. One of the most important things to consider is how much storage your new phone will have. Many of the cheaper devices will have 32 gigabytes of memory or less. This may be ok for some but I would recommend that you go no less than a 64 gigabyte model.

If you are one that likes to actually hold the phone in your hand before you buy it you may not want to buy it online. Another good option is to make your purchase from one of the big box stores like Walmart, Target, or Sams. There are also some good deals offered by the phone carriers themselves. Places like Verizon, T-mobile and AT&T sometimes offer a free phone as an incentive to sign up with one of their monthly service plans.

Stay open minded, ask a lot of questions. Take your time to shop around and I have no doubt that you’ll end up with a cell phone that is just right for you.




Should I update my iPhone to the newest version of iOS?

IPhone users have become wary of updating the software on their iPhones, especially after Apple has openly admitted to intentionally slowing down their older model devices by way of an update.

It has been suspected for a long time that the reason for this was to encourage users to upgrade their old phones to a newer model.  In the year 2017 Apple had no choice but to admit that they were intentionally slowing down their iPhones by way of an update. They claimed that they did this to compensate for a battery that could no longer supply enough power to the device causing it to shut down unexpectedly.  That in itself would be fine.  The problem is that they did this without informing the consumer.  Many believe that the real reason for this “slow down” was to encourage people to buy a new phone although Apple claims the accusations are false. This throttling of speed was first implemented for the iPhone 6.  It is still being done today, but iOS now informs the user when the battery can no longer keep up and  power management has been switched on.

Do aftermarket cell phone batteries perform as well as original batteries?

    Can you trust an aftermarket cell phone battery?


You might have wondered if the aftermarket battery you had installed at that third party cell phone repair shop is really going to perform like an original. The answer to that question may not be a simple yes or no.

Here’s why…

Most cell phones and all iPhones today use Lithium-ion batteries.  During discharge lithium ions move from the negative side through an electrolyte to the positive side. Then during charging the lithium ions move back to the negative side.  All of these batteries contain highly flammable Electrolytes that could be a safety hazard if not designed correctly. Some aftermarket battery companies may sacrifice safety for cost leading to disastrous results.  This is why you should never buy a phone battery from an online supplier that you don’t know and trust.  A good aftermarket battery is constructed well using good materials and approved by a safety agency. There are many good aftermarket batteries out there.  Phoenix Phone Fix only buys from one reputable supplier that has been proven to only stock batteries that adhere to strict safety margins.  So if you would like to change your cell phone battery without risking safety, rest assured that Phoenix Phone Fix is a place that you can trust.





Are cell phones bad for your health?

Are we unknowingly exposing ourselves to danger?


Nearly all of us keep a cell phone in our pocket or purse nearly one hundred percent of the time. It is always within our reach and I’m willing to bet my last dollar that you have one in your hands this very moment.

Now what if I told you that the device you hold so close is potentially causing you great harm? What if the phone in your hands is shortening your life right now even while you are reading this.
It is the radio frequency energy that your phone emits that may be a danger. Radiation is being absorbed through your body as you are exposed to something that is completely invisible yet may be carcinogenic in nature. And although there is not enough scientific data to prove that there is a significant threat. Studies have shown that there is indeed a viable cause for concern.


In 1995 scientists discovered that the RF energy produced by cell phones increased the risk of tumors caused by brain cell damage in lab rats. And that this may also be the case in humans that have used a cell phone for a period of ten years or longer.

Even though there have been many studies that seem to reenforce the idea that phones can cause us harm, there is no conclusive proof that these devices cause bone loss, brain tumors, and cancer. There is just not yet enough evidence to do without something that has become such an important part of us and our daily lives.

Tips to choosing the best cell phone repair shop

Which phone repair shop is the right one?

With so many cell phone repair shops to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

We now rely on our phones for just about every aspect of our daily lives. So when an accident has happened it is important to get your device running again in the shortest amount of time possible.  There are many places to choose from.  Here are some tips on how to differentiate the good ones from the not so good.


1. Check out the online reviews

One of the simplest and best ways to decide who to trust your beloved iPhone to is by first checking the reviews from others that have had their phones repaired there. If the shop you are planning to go to has many bad reviews then that would be an obvious red flag and a signal to move on to another. Try to find a repair shop with a bounty of five star ratings and your chances of  success will be far greater.


2. Visit their website

Another source you can look at is the company’s website. A good way to get a feel for the phone repair shop is to go online and study their website beforehand. By doing this you can see what services the company offers. Do they specialize in only iPhone screen repair or do they perform repairs on Android devices and laptops also? Do they advertise any type of warranty with your phone repair? Are diagnostics performed for free or is there a charge? Are the prices for the repairs listed in the website or do you have to fill out a questionnaire form just to find out how much you repair will cost? Do they offer same day phone repair?


3. Give the repair shop a call

Calling the shop and speaking to a live person might help you decide if you want to have your phone repaired there. You may be surprised at how just speaking to someone for a few minutes can give you a good idea of what the business is about. Is the call answered in a friendly, pleasant tone? Is the person you are speaking with receptive to any questions you might have? Do they seem knowledgeable about the services the repair shop offers?

Of course there is no sure way of knowing which cell phone repair shop will be best.  But with these tips and a little luck you’ll find a shop that will provide a quality repair at an affordable price.  And just like having a good car mechanic, once you find a trustworthy cell phone repair shop, stick with them and don’t go anywhere else.

iPhone vs Android

Which is Best?



When we say Android, we aren’t really speaking about a kind of phone but rather the operating system that these phones use.  Samsung, LG, and Motorola all use the Android operating system. While iPhones made by Apple all use the iOS operating system.  So when comparing the two it would be more correct to say iOS vs Android.

During the comparison we also have to keep in mind that all phones using the iOS operating system are iPhones, and all iPhones are expensive high end devices.  We also have to consider that not all phones using the Android (operating system) are high end devices.  There are many cheap phones out there using the Android operating system.  There are no cheap iPhones using the iOS operating system.  So when we compare the two we have to make sure that we are comparing the operating systems and not the phones that are running them.

All iPhones run on Apple’s own operating system called iOS.

Google’s operating software was brought into existence in 2008, and is called Android.

Android is completely free for anyone to use. So many different cell phone manufacturing companies such as LG, Motorola, Samsung etc. have loaded the free for all Android operating system into their devices and the result is a seemingly endless and wide array of Android phones on the market.

This means that with all the different Android phones on the market there are many more options available than you will find in iOS devices. That’s one point scored for Android.

Some Android phones have a built in micro-SD card slot.  This allows the user to add storage space to their device with ease just by inserting a micro-SD card.  iPhones do not have a micro-SD slot so there is no way to expand the storage on any iOS device. That’s two points scored for Android.

Apple’s iOS on iPhone is however much easier to use. It has remained basically unchanged since it’s launch on June 29th, 2007 (back then it was called iPhone OS).  Anyone picking up an iPhone for the first time can use it without any problem. It’s as easy as, touch icon, open app, and use it. Android however might not be that simple to use for some people that are new to the world of smartphones. That’s a definite one point for iOS.

When comparing an iOS iPhone to pretty much any android phone in the same price range the iOS phone pretty much always outperforms the Android device. This is mainly because Apple oversees the manufacture and build of it’s hardware and it’s software from start to finish and can pair them seamlessly together. While Android has to be paired with so many different kinds of devices that the pair can sometimes have a few hiccups. That’s two points for Apple.

When all has been said, and we have to choose a side. We are left with a very difficult choice. Just like apples and oranges, it’s all a matter of perspective on which one is better.







Which is better? LCD vs OLED


When it comes to determining the difference between LCD cell phone screens and the newer OLED phone screens there are a few facts that you will need to know.

The main difference between these two types of screens is how they are illuminated.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens are lit up by a constant light source supplied by LED lights.

Organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens do not have a back light. Each pixel produces its own light individually.  Even the brightness of each pixel can be controlled separately per-pixel.

So on OLED screens the whites are brighter and the darks are deeper. The overall contrast is more bold and vibrant.  OLED screens are also thinner than LCD screens.  This allows for a bigger battery to fit inside your phone, and the larger the battery the longer the life.

But is it really worth the extra $400 you might pay for the higher contrast you’ll get out of an OLED cell phone screen?  That would depend on each users own personal preference.  Keep in mind that we have been using regular LCD screens all the way up to the iPhone 8 Plus.  The iPhone X released in 2017 was the first apple device to come with an OLED display, and if not advertised, few of us would even have noticed the change.  So in my opinion having an OLED screen is probably not worth the extra $400 you’ll have to spend on an iPhone XS Max, and the less expensive iPhone XR equipped with that magnificent LCD screen will be more than enough to make you happy.





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